When We Accept That We Are Constantly Dying, We Make Friends With Our Own Creative Brilliance

Vulnerability is the key to aligning with the Intelligence of the Universe and living in a state of enlightenment.

Why? Because this feeling that we call vulnerability, (which can also be translated as; out of control, nothing to hold onto, groundless, etc.), is something that we feel when we are dying.

You see, for the most part we are conditioned to see ‘death’ as one big far-off event in the future to be avoided at all costs. But in actuality, DEATH IS CONSTANT. It is happening right here, right now inside of you and all around you. It is as constant as the life you are living.

Life as you see it is in fact a constant death. If you are living, then you can be sure that you are dying.

Life and death are one. Not one after the other, but one simultaneous co-creation. In this very moment something is dying inside of you and all around you, at the same time as life is pulsating through you. It is the process of change. In order for anything to change, there has to be death.

And change is constant. 

Have you ever watched video footage of a scene in nature sped up over a number of days? Like a field of flowers for example? It is always changing – always moving. Even when one form dies, life takes over and grows something in its place. In other words, the Universe keeps moving and at no point does it ever stop. And in this movement there is constant death. Not death here and there, but a continuous stream of one big long process of death. And right beside it, simultaneously, is one big constant stream of life. The two are one and the same. There is no separation.

Yet for some reason our human mind has somehow separated life from death and made them two very different things. We have used our intellect or ego to push the idea of death as far away as possible and ascertain that we should be terrified of it.

Yet right here now we are dying. So our own denial of death means our own denial of present reality – and of our self – and of nature – and of Spirit. And the further we push death away from our self, the greater the separation and pain we live in because the less of life we embrace.

In order to embrace life fully, we must learn to simultaneously embrace death fully… all in the very same now. When we are feeling out of control, groundless and very vulnerable, it is a sure sign that we are riding the wave of life as death with our eyes wide open.

We are walking the tight rope right in the center of a seeming duality – like walking the circumference of the coin with two faces. In this place, it is not our ego’s need to feel safe and secure that is in charge of our creation, but the creative intelligent process of evolution. And there’s a big difference. The former creates feelings of separation, unsafe, aloneness, mistrust and fear. The latter creates feelings of peace, acceptance, joy and love.

When we come to terms with our own feelings of vulnerability by hanging out in this feeling time and time again, we come to terms with our own death and therefore our own life. When we accept that we are constantly dying, we make friends with our own creative brilliance.


Jennifer Hanson © copyright 2016. All rights reserved.