Healers Must Earn A Living Too


“…all acts of help, support and love are acts of Spirit.”

If you are an energy worker or spiritual practitioner of some sort and have ever bumped into the mind-set that thinks you shouldn't charge for your services because they are "spiritual" in nature, or you have felt guilty for doing so, then check out the response I gave when challenged on this issue:

"I'm thinking, and always have, that things like this (healing work) should be given freely on the understanding that if it works and changes lives THEN and only then would a payment of monies be considered or expected. That makes more sense to me."

(My Response):

"So shall we apply that concept to every other service that aims to help or serve others? For example; when we go to the doctor or dentist, we pay only if we feel it has worked for us. Or, we get therapy and pay only if we feel better afterwards. Or how about, we eat at a restaurant and pay only if we liked the food?

Why is it that you assume that the work I do fits into a category that should be labeled as 'free'? Is it because it has a spiritual element to it? If so, I think you may need to re-think your perception of 'spiritual'.

I honestly feel that when a doctor saves someone's life, it doesn't get much more spiritual than that. Help comes in many forms... all acts of help, support and love are acts of spirit. Even the plumber gets paid for helping someone unblock their drain pipes. This is basically all I am doing except on psychological and energetic levels.

If I did not get a fair energy exchange in the form of money for the work I do, I would not be able to afford to offer the work to anyone. I would be burnt out after a few days with no food on the table for my kids and no money to pay the bills. In this instance, no-one would receive the gift I have to offer.

To tell those who have worked hard to develop their spiritual gift, as their passion, their life's work, their career path, that they do not deserve to be honored and paid for in the same manner as any other hard working individual, is blind-sighted and ignorant to not only their unique talent, but to how the universe really works. God comes through all acts of service and kindness, within all fields.

Jennifer Millar © copyright 2018. All rights reserved.