How does Cellular Transformation work?

During a workshop or private session with Jennifer, surges of healing energies pour through your body igniting a cellular healing process. 

The Intelligence of these energies knows how to penetrate the mind of your cellsIt goes after old wounds, fears, belief systems and ancestral baggage stored within your cellular memory and expands them out into the open to be transformed. 

As you go through this purification, you feel many different physiological responses, such as;

  • body parts tightening then relaxing

  • changes in body temperature

  • layers of emotion surfacing and passing through

  • explosions of tingles throughout your body as the original trauma patterns disperse at the cellular level.


There are two key components to the Cellular Transformation Healing Process:

1) The Transformational Energies or "Light"

2) The Wisdom Teachings & Life-Structure

Transformational Energies

From the minute you enter the sacred space of a workshop, group or private session with Jennifer Millar, light is filling your body and beginning the unraveling and purification process.  As this light dislodges old imprints of fear and tension from your cells, you may move through layers of emotional memory as the imprints work their way to the surface. Your conscious mind may also get flashes of visual memory - these are energetic impressions of the original trauma unlocking and expanding out of your cells. This is normal and healthy and there’s nothing you need to do to assist this healing process other than to keep your body, mind and emotions wide open. Jennifer and the light will do the rest. 


What is 'Light'?

The 'light' we speak of is a force of high vibrational energy that is brought through by Divine Intelligence [upon request], to assist us in unraveling imprints of tension, trauma, fear and contraction stored in our cells. It is often experienced as a strong feeling of universal/unconditional love, waves of euphoria or bliss, and surges of tingles and goosebumps in the physical body. 



Wisdom Teachings & Life-Structure

Cellular Transformation teaches you how to:

  • Overcome your fears

  • Get in touch with your own truth and express it in all aspects of your life

  • Transform contracted feelings within your body and emotions and convert them into expansion and power

  • Ask the universe to bring through Light for yourself and others and have it respond instantaneously

  • Back yourself up and walk away from situations that don’t serve you

  • Discern what is yours and what is someone else’s within your feeling reality

  • Work with and understand the power of Kundalini Energy

  • And much more…



As you deepen into Cellular Transformation, you will learn, ‘The Co-Creative Healing Process’ where you transform your fear-based emotions by working directly with the Intelligence of the Universe. Your job is to own, expose and embrace your feelings, whist the Universe’s job is to do the healing and transforming. Hence the ‘Co-Creative Healing Process’, because it takes effort and co-operation on both our part and the Universe’s to transform.

The Divine love Affair

You will learn the art of talking to the Universe ‘out loud’, as a unique form of conscious dialogue, where the Universe responds immediately by bringing through healing energies. You will develop an intimate relationship with this Universal Intelligence, specifically learning how it operates, where it is at and where it is not, when it is talking to you and how it likes to talk and work through you. You will learn how to directly access it and include it in your daily life, and in time, learn to relate to it like it’s your best friend. 

Eventually, this Divine Intelligence takes over every aspect of your life until you learn to live in complete alignment with it - which is to align with the expanding nature of the universe moving through your own thoughts, feelings and relationships.



Cellular Transformation offers clear-cut, how-to, step-by-step daily practices and tools to assist you in learning how to read the ‘universal language of energy’ (the Tao), and how to live in alignment with the expanding nature of our universe.  In short, the ability to access divine energies and use them to purify your cells and enlighten yourself, comes directly through the deep and intricate understanding of this universal language. 

There are many ancient traditions that work to understand and incorporate this energy, such as Martial Arts, Qigong, Tai Chi or Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is understood by the ancient wise masters of Chi in the East, and studied through the Dantian (or Energy Centers) in Taoism. But what is unique to Cellular Transformation and its exploration of this wisdom, is how it takes the mastery of energy BEYOND just the ‘art of combat’ or ‘the study of meridians’ and into the flow of your everyday life and relationships. 

Cellular Transformation teaches you how to read, interpret, understand, tune into, back-up, access and express this energetic intelligence within your everyday interactions and life-experiences. So when practiced and implemented in your everyday life, a powerful Light awakens within your Center - which we call Greater Mind - and it keeps growing, strengthening and expanding itself. 



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