This is a time of healing and expansion and many people are working on themselves through different healing modalities. To cater to this wave of spiritual growth there are a lot of healers offering workshops. As a result, those embarking on the path of self-realization have a wide array of spiritual teachers and techniques to choose from, so much so they tend to hop from one to the other in an attempt to find what fits.

At first this can be an exciting venture in self-discovery; an opportunity to explore new realms and taste lots of possibilities, but real transformation, the kind that truly changes who you are on a fundamental and permanent level, can take place only when a major commitment is made to the unraveling of one’s fear-based belief systems and behavior patterns at a deep cellular level.

This type of transformation takes commitment, time and dedication. It is not something that can be achieved in just one, three, or even ten weekend workshops. It takes time to build enough trust and light in the body to be able to access, unlock and transform those foundational layers of trauma and conditioning lying at the root of our pain and suffering – most of which we have no idea are inside of us. Yet until we uncover and dissolve these old fear-based ancestral and cultural imprints from deep within our body and soul memory, we may continue to search, struggle and experience the pain of looking outside of our self for love and salvation.

If you find yourself going from one healing workshop or technique to another, you might be skimming the surface of your own healing potential. You could be window shopping and not yet going deep. At some point it is important to ask yourself, “Am I wanting true liberation or am I looking for a series of temporary ‘feel good’ experiences’? If your answer is the former, it may be beneficial to look at why you keep moving onto something else.

Perhaps your transformation is being sub-consciously choreographed through the filter of your own unresolved trauma and programming…

If so, your ego may be in charge of your self-realization – which is a contradiction in terms because it’s impossible to be objective when seeing through the filter of your own trauma. Within this scenario, it is likely that every time you start to move in the direction of true healing and release, the fear of confronting and unlocking the original trauma may convince you that now is the time to move on to something else. In other words, now is the time to move towards something that makes you ‘feel good’ again.

This is why it is important to have an honest, truthful teacher who is not interested in protecting you from what you need to see and hear, but rather is here to guide you towards your full potential, power, and passion for living. Such a teacher will have taken their own body through this disciplined process of transformation, igniting the ability to access and bring through a transmission of healing light and energies for self and others. They understand what it takes to shatter the brainwashing and control frameworks in order to access the underlying fear and transform it into love. They know how to do this because they have mastered it within themselves.

As Huston Smith once wrote in his book, ‘The World’s Religions’… “The Buddha preached a religion of intense self-effort. His practical program was exacting, and he was not going to let his disciples be diverted from the hard road of practice into the fields of fruitless speculation.”

Those who seek true liberation find a teacher and transformational process that are forever evolving and unlimited in the possibility of expansion and consciousness – and they stick with it – for as long as is necessary. Usually this kind of healing process is not technique oriented but is instead rooted in the universal language of energy. It teaches how to get out of the way and allow the Intelligence of the Universe to orchestrate our healing and transformation rather than our fear-based ego.

Every great teacher has first been a great student – committed to the deepest possible unraveling and purification of self, and is not interested in skimming the surface of ‘feel good’ healing modalities. There is no quick fix to enlightenment. It could take years depending on your level of trauma and conditioning, and perhaps it is time to let go of workshop hopping and truly commit to your own liberation.


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