What is the Spiritual Path?

First and foremost, the spiritual path is love. It is about understanding and opening up to the healing power of love.

The Light, the Universe, the Tao, are expressions of pure love. Being “on the path” is being on the trajectory back to love, because love is what we’re looking for - it is where we came from and where we’re going back to. It’s not necessarily the romantic kind of love, although this is a part of it, but rather an all encompassing, universal, unconditional kind that literally blows your mind, heart, soul and cells into a million pieces... scattering them into the farthest reaches of the universe to be smothered in Light.

We are so conditioned to fear love and to protect ourselves against it. Many of our thought-patterns and belief-systems are designed to keep it at bay. Why? Because love heals. It exposes, resurrects, dissolves, transforms and expands. Love is the one and only healer in the universe. So when love comes close, it’s like turning on a bright light and having all the rats scurry out in the open, and some of those rats can range from scary to downright life-threatening. Knowing when to run and when to stay and ride it through is one of the most fundamental aspects of the spiritual path. When you have this figured out, you move very quickly.

It is the power of love that we fear. We may think we’re not afraid of love, but the truth is our cells have been programmed to help us avoid feeling abandoned or hurt and to protect us from all those painful things that happened to us in our growing up years within the innocence of our wide open hearts. We learned to shut down and protect our preciousness for good reason. So when love comes knocking it asks us to surrender these walls and to be willing to go back through the memories of the old wounds so they can be transformed. Not always an easy task, but a profoundly worthwhile one.

Ultimately we are learning how to love again - how to get into an intimate relationship with this feeling of love and how to melt away the deep numbness and disconnection around our organs and skin that we put in place to block feeling so raw and out of control. As we follow the light along our path it gets stronger and stronger, walking us back through all the blockages to love that we carry inside of us, most of which we’re not even aware of. But rest assured, the Universe will take us on a profound healing and purification journey through the landscape of our ancestral genetic past and the fear-based history of this world until no stone or cell is left unturned.

This is the spiritual path.


Jennifer Millar © copyright 2017. All rights reserved.