Jennifer has committed her life’s work to UNDERSTANDING THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE OF ENERGY — A field of study which incorporates epigenetics, cellular memory, psychology, meditation, consciousness and prayer. 

Having extensively explored the nature of energetic expansion versus contraction at the deepest levels, she developed a personal and powerful relationship with this Creative Intelligence.

Unparalleled is Jennifer’s understanding of how Creative Intelligence communicates to us through the Language of Energy. By showing us how to access, interpret, speak to, and align with with Creative Intelligence, Jennifer empowers us to become conscious co-creators of our lives. “Everything is written in the energy,” she often says. In other words, beneath the surface of our material reality is a vast world of complex energetic dynamics, which Jennifer teaches us to first become aware of and, eventually, to interpret for ourselves. 

Learning this Language of Energy is much like learning a foreign language; however, this language is communicated not only via audible words, but also through the medium of feeling. Jennifer elucidates with astounding precision how we can read the rich layers of energetic information that are constantly bubbling up in our body and environment. We want to do this in order to expand and free up our life force energy so that we can live from a place of power and connection. Jennifer exemplifies how mastering this process keeps our body pain free, our mind clear, and our emotions in a state of love and gratitude. It is from this high-vibrational place that we can reach our full potential. 

Over the past eighteen years, Jennifer has diligently trained herself to live every moment of her life “with one eye and one ear” attuned to this universal language. Her commitment to this practice has cleared deep cellular pathways in her body, enabling powerful transmissions of divine healing energies to pour through her channel. This purification process has also unearthed and awakened Jennifer’s telepathic gifts. 

Having honed her body into a crystal clear instrument, Jennifer can now discern the source of every subtle feeling of energetic expansion or contraction that comes up within her or those around her. It may seem as if Jennifer magically reads minds, reading into the details of your past and foreseeing your future; however, her abilities are not “supernatural”. She is simply reading what is inscribed in the language of energy, as plainly as ink on a page, always accessible for any of us to read. Jennifer sees what is going on at the energetic level in such great depth because she has taken the time to clear the fog, dissolve the numbness, and open her eyes. 

Jennifer’s strong relationship with her own inner knowingness gives us an opportunity to awaken and cultivate our own. The reason her insights strike us as shockingly brilliant, while at the same time so obvious and true is because they resonate with what, deep down, we had a vague sense of all along. She has a masterful way of diving deep into our souls, bringing poignant truths out into the foreground and illuminating them with pristine clarity.    

Likewise, Jennifer has a unique talent for bringing different religious, spiritual, and mystical traditions into a fresh, accessible context. Having studied world religions at The New Seminary in New York City, she is able to reveal to us the golden thread that weaves through the heart of our religions. Stripping religions of dogma and deadness, she distills the timeless teachings that are at their roots and gives them contemporary relevance. Through Jennifer, we experience universal truths as if they are brand-new and created especially for us. 

The effects of her work are cathartic explosions inside our bodies and the mind of our cells, which bring us into a whole other reality that has always been inside of us, but was cloaked and caked with hundreds of layers of doubt, numbness, and oppression, which we didn’t even know existed. 



Specifically, when working, Jennifer’s body doubles as: 1) a tuning fork that tunes into your energetic vibrational reality, and 2) a clear channel that brings through powerful healing energies. What does this mean? Jennifer telepathically merges with your energy field. She experiences in herself everything that is going on in your body and your body of affairs. She feels exactly what you are feeling on every level. The only difference is that Jennifer has learned to not make real any feeling that is not the feeling of love. In other words, she doesn’t take the painful emotions personally and instead moves into a place of observer consciousness with them.  She also doesn’t split away from the fears and discomforts in order to not feel them. On the contrary, she asks Creative Intelligence to intensify them even stronger. So rather than try to make the uncomfortable feelings go away, she brings them out into the open and “holds them in the fire of purification,” asking the Universe/Great Spirit to step in and burn them up. 

Jennifer teaches us how to realize this transformational process for ourselves. She teaches us precisely how to take contracted patterns of feeling and behavior and transform them into expansion and love for ourselves and others. 

Said differently, Jennifer guides us into those spaces that we would otherwise want to avoid so that we may achieve fundamental shifts in our lives. She is not interested in skimming the surface of healing, but rather to hold our hand with great tenderness as she walks us into our greatest aversions and out the other side into true liberation. As she often quotes, “the cave we fear to enter holds the treasures we seek,” we discover that buried in the center of what we’ve been resisting our whole lives is the very thing that we want the most.



Every poignant transformation that Jennifer leads someone else through, she has personally moved through and transformed the exact same thing within herself. She never expounds empty teachings as concept, literature, or hand-me-downs. Her insights are hard won through experience. Her innate intuitive and empathic gifts only crystallized into her current level of clarity and power after years and years of painstakingly doing her own personal work.     

From the moment Jennifer first encountered the power and potential of working with Light at a cellular healing workshop in 1999—she fell passionately in love and has been utterly devoted to her own cellular purification process and self awakening ever since. 

Throughout her twenties, her primary focus was healing her own traumas and unraveling her unconscious behavior patterns until she evolved beyond them. Shattering her ego became her full time job, and studying how the Universe works became her doctoral research. The first decade of her intensive training was one continual death of her false self. She was continuously risking her life, finding her edge, and building the courage to take gigantic leaps in consciousness, time and time again, a thousand times over. This process unleashed and transformed tremendous fear inside of her, which was exactly what she desired.  

From the first moment that Jennifer encountered the universal truth that “fear is the pathway to freedom,” she made it a pillar in her life. “Underneath fear is love.” “Underneath fear is liberation.” For Jennifer, this transformational tool became an all-consuming passion. Her spirit deliberately created situations that would bring out her deepest terrors so that she could face and embrace them. She turned this spiritual practice into an extreme sport, unlocking and facing fears at emotional and psychological levels that one can hardly imagine. She bravely ventured into the deepest parts of her psyche, risking her life, like a surfer chasing fifty-foot waves.

As a result, her life is now rich, juicy and ever-expanding. She dances with the unknown. She lives on the edge, full of spontaneity and adventure. Yet, she is bolstered by the solid rock of self-trust and self-love that she has built inside her center. Her days are fulfilling, effervescent, pulsing with excitement. She turns people on to the best of who they can be. Her laughter is contagious. Her passion and creativity spread like wildfire, inspiring people all over the world. Every day she channels divine energy through private sessions and changes someone's life. Her presence alone cracks people open to the magic and wonder of a personal love affair with the Universe - that is, including the Great Spirit into every aspect of life.


Among many, I am in awe of Jennifer’s gift. Often, I’ve asked myself, “how the hell does she do what she does?” I have eagerly studied the way that she works, oftentimes with my jaw dropped, my heart bursting, and my body singing, especially during the period when she dives down deep for the pearls. To her clients—I know you know those moments: Jennifer’s razor-sharp insights cut through concrete, a curveball from left field is totally bang on, timeless wisdom blazes through all the bullshit, and a warm swelling of love permeates our bodies. Suddenly the room seems stunned by Jennifer’s brilliance.

How did she hit all those nails on the head? How did she touch each of us so deeply, penetrating our souls with love? How did she know all that history and detail about that person’s life presently and since childhood? And even more astoundingly, how did she find the exact words, tone and touch to meet that person in their most vulnerable place and open them up gently like a blossoming flower? 

This brilliant quality of all-knowingness cannot be attributed to her psychic talents alone. Ironically, within the radiance of her insights, (or moments before to be precise), I observe the emptiness of a spiritual warrior. Jennifer lets herself know nothing. She lets herself not have all the answers. Unafraid, surrendered, she can get out of the way and allow universal wisdom and divine power to effortlessly flow through her. 

So focused. So poised. Jennifer is “in the zone” like a fierce athlete. Her body and mind are perfectly aligned like an ancient martial arts master. She hardly hears the words that her clients speak as words. She is reading their energy, listening for an opening to break through, zeroing in on minute energetic details with laser-beam precision.

Jennifer didn’t just wake up one day with a psychic gift wowing people with information that she couldn’t have known through her five senses alone. Her present effortlessness speaks to decades of toiling effort and perseverance. Her abilities as a channel have been perfected through hard work and incessant practice. Her work is an art. And she’s damn good at what she does. 

Often, she has the whole workshop room in stitches laughing. Little does everyone realize that divine energies are still rearranging the configurations deep within our cells, and Creative Intelligence is actually using Jennifer’s incredible sense of humor and sharp Irish wit in order to keep us out of our minds and in our bodies.

Jennifer mines for gold and stops at nothing short of unearthing the raw power, truth, and magic inside of us. More times than I can count, I have witnessed a client already in tears of gratitude, shaking from head to toe, thankful for a massive breakthrough. And then, Jennifer asks, “Would you like to go a little deeper?” Luckily, her genuine sweetness is hard to resist, and yet within the gentle grace of her empathy is a torrent of pure power. The client no longer knows what hit them. 

Jennifer gets to the very core, to that place deep inside that you may only visit a few times in your entire life. She lives there. She pulls you down into that profound place, deeper and deeper into your body... Your world turns inside out. Problems disappear as if they never existed. Sunshine radiates everywhere. Pure ecstatic bliss. More clarity. More juice. More freedom. Period.  

Descriptions of her work may at times fall back on dumbstruck awe at the seemingly supernatural, but that is only because there are hardly any reference points nor appropriate words for the phenomenon that takes place at Jennifer’s workshops. In turn, this is only because the language of energy as experienced through the sensitive awakened body and soul can initially be so foreign to most people. And yet, the experience is very grounded, and its transformational effects are concrete and lasting. 


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