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Cellular Transformation is a psycho-spiritual healing modality. It works with transformational energies to dissolve the fear-based blueprints that cause pain and limitation in our body, mind and life.

Jennifer channels these energies to enter the individual or group she is working with and there they begin to undo the epigenetic traits that we've inherited from previous generations and accumulated in our own lifetime. Layer by layer these cellular memories are unravelled and dissolved until a deep and permanent shift takes place inside of us.  

This work is very powerful. Jennifer is exceptionally intuitive and does not skim the surface of 'personal development' but instead goes straight to the heart of the issue, connecting us to an innate intelligence that sources and transforms our trauma at the cellular level. Simply put, it is like doing therapy with your higher self.

The outcome is less emotional and physical pain, a rekindling of purpose and passion, feeling lighter throughout your body and life, more clarity and focus, and a deeper sensation of connection and love towards self and others. > READ MORE

Jennifer Millar is an international teacher and group process facilitator whose gift of bringing through transformational healing energies touches many lives the world over. She is recognized as a mentor and source of exceptional clarity. For twenty years she has been deeply committed to the path of cellular purification, studying how our universe works through the lens of cellular healing and understanding the universal language of energy. 

Born and raised in Northern Ireland and now living near Austin, TX, USA, Jennifer is a licensed interfaith minister (TNS, NYC, 2011), who weaves timeless wisdom into contemporary contexts. Her unique gift of awareness, clarity and insight allows for true and lasting metamorphosis to take place in those who work with her. > MORE ABOUT JENNIFER

In just 3 days of this work, I found my truth, my voice, my love and my feelings, after being lost on and off in the pain of PTSD for years. I have done so many
workshops and personal growth work, read so many books, done so many courses but
this one knocked my socks off.

— Samantha, Melbourne, Grief and Loss Facilitator/Educator



For years I would go for walks with Greater Mind in my center. I would set the time aside to do it everyday... placing one or both hands on my lower dantian (1-3 inches below the belly button, 1-2 inches in) as I walked, asking it questions (preferably out loud) about which direction to turn in any given moment. I did this to build trust in the intuitive language of energy.

I always listened for the sensation of a “yes” = expanding in-breath feeling, or a “no” = contracting feeling. Sometimes I would get audible “yes’s or no’s”.

For example I would say, “Great Spirit (or Greater Mind), should I turn left at these lights?” Then I’d let it pull me the way it wanted me to go. > CONTINUE READING



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The amazing Sarah Knight, Ocean Scientist (PhD), Science Communicator and Energy Healer, interviewed Jennifer Millar for 'The Possibility Project Podcast - From Climate Change To Human Change'!

The disconnect, suppression and destruction of nature we are seeing globally is connected to the invalidation of the power of the feminine worldwide. Facing this level of systemic and global crisis has the potential to feel overwhelming and create powerlessness, but there is something we can do on an individual level to support the change we want to see in the world.

In this latest episode of The Possibility Project Podcast, Jennifer shares how we can heal and transform this split from the feminine and our true nature - internally and externally.


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