Photo: SomaSoul Images by Lizette Bell

Photo: SomaSoul Images by Lizette Bell

There are many ways in which we are programmed to look outside of ourselves for love and security. We are raised in families, cultures and a world where we learn from an early age to give our power away to external authority figures. This conditioning keeps most of us living in a perpetual split from our own divine intelligence. It keeps us locked within the illusion that others are the source of our happiness, peace, sanity and success. As a result we manipulate our precious selves to look and behave in certain ways, to own certain things and to make life go the way it’s supposed to so that we get the love and nourishment we need.

But the truth is we are already that love.

This behavior of looking outside of our self for salvation could be viewed as the number one addiction of the human mind, and the source from where all other addictions stem. It is an ancient driving force that keeps us pushing passed something so delicate and precious within ourselves. It is the source of why we crave, grab, hold-on to, control and fear so many things, all of which lead to separation and suffering.

We could live a million lifetimes trying to figure our way out of this painful split, but ultimately there is only one thing that cuts through all of it like a hot knife through butter and that is SELF-LOVE.

At some point on our spiritual journey we wake up to the simple truth that love is the only way. It is the energy behind all of creation. So taking the time to feel and create love in our lives is choosing to live in alignment with the intelligence of the universe.

Who we are is precious and divine, complete, whole, perfect, sacred and sweet. This is the truth of our existence, but how much time and energy do we actually put into reinforcing this truth on a daily basis?

Not very much.

Yet to the degree we choose to feel love is to the degree we alleviate suffering in ourselves and others.

Can you imagine saying, “Dear sweet self, I LOVE YOU. I really love you. You are so sweet and so precious and even though I don’t quite feel it right now, I love you anyway”?

These are powerful words. Probably some of the most powerful you could ever say, and taking the time to say them many times a day is the only temple worth visiting, because what gets confused, doubtful, jealous, ashamed or worried is the mind – not the heart, not the center, not the spirit or the Kundalini – only the conditioned mind.

So by choosing LOVE we cut through all of it. By consciously projecting love onto everything, everywhere – even and especially those things we hate about ourselves– we literally change our world.

So during those times when we mess up, or we complain a lot, or we feel really needy, stressed, insecure or insensitive; it is in these moments that we can either beat ourselves up for being flawed, (which we have done ten thousand times already!), or we can choose to LOVE OUR FLAWS…

“Dear jealousy, I love you.   Dear shame, I love you.   Dear getting it wrong, I love you.”

And it can be really scary to choose love in these situations because it goes against everything we have been taught since we were born. Yet it is the only way. It is the only thing worth doing in this incarnation. CHOOSING TO LOVE ALL OF OUR SELF is all that matters because from this place everything else falls into perfection.

“I am the only person who can love my self. I am the generator and it all comes from me. If there is something I don’t like in my world, I better take the time to love it…”

To, “love thy enemy as thy self,” as Jesus once said.

“I love what I don’t like, what frustrates me, what worries me and what scares me…. I love the unknown. I love the future. Dear future, even though they say you don’t exist, I love you anyway. I really love it when I mess up because I mess up a lot! And every time I hurt someone with my programming and my blindness, or I hurt myself with my addictions, they are all opportunities to love myself.

“It all starts with me. I take the time to love myself and to love it ALL, the good and the bad. Because if I wait until I am good enough to be loved, according to the standards of my cultural and religious programming, I could be waiting forever.”

Now is the time to choose love, right now, not tomorrow when you have more free time or next month when you’re on vacation, but right now.

Practice stilling your mind and saying, “DEAR SWEET SELF, I LOVE YOU. I love you, I love you. I love you.” No matter where you are right now, just say it to yourself quietly or out loud. Then keep saying it every time you remember, one hundred times a day and every time you look in the mirror until you feel the shift, and until all of the pain and drama in your world goes away.

The most powerful thing you can do as a creator in this world is to create love wherever you go – in this moment, the eternal single moment – and to consciously choose it over all other seductions, because love is the only true healer. It is the only way.


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