The Transformational Process

When we choose to come into the human body, we take on belief systems that have been on this planet for hundreds and thousands of years. They are passed down through the collective unconscious of our families, cultures, religious traditions and political systems.

Most of these belief systems are fear based. They go against the natural evolutionary flow of the Universe by teaching us to disconnect and twist away from our divine self. As we grow up through these layers of conditioning and programming we lose our inherent connection to self. Over time this manifests as self-doubt, stress, illness, emptiness, and a twisted view of the world resulting in war, conflict and separation. Most of us assume that these fear based realities are who we really are. But they are not. The nature of who we are is the feeling of pure unconditional love and expansion. Everything else is a misconception of reality – an illusion. Our divine work in this lifetime is to unravel the twist and to dissolve and transform the illusion of separation by working in harmony with the Intelligence of our Universe.

Most of us are taught to run away from our feelings. We have learned to numb them over with addictive substances and behaviors and to control our reality so that we don’t have to feel the depths of the pain and darkness we carry within. Yet our innate power to heal and transform lies in our willingness to feel. The truth is we cannot run away from the darkness, we must allow it to come out in the open so it can be touched by the light and transformed. This is a very important part of the transformational process. As we develop a relationship with Universal Intelligence (Spirit), we can ask it to shine light through all that we are feeling. The more we can feel and embrace, the more the Universe can step in and transform.

The truth is we are not our fear and our pain. We are not the grief, shame, loss and anger that we feel, but we need to take responsibility for the fact that these feelings still operate within our consciousness. If we can learn to feel the shadow aspects of our self without making them real, then we become the observer or witness. We move into observer consciousness by separating our self from the illusion, and it is in this place that the light can flood in and burn up the old. This is how we ignite the fire of purification. It cannot be done intellectually. It has to be done on a cellular/molecular level in the body through the medium of feeling.

The more we fuel this fire of purification, the lighter and stronger we become. As we do this over time a transformational power awakens within us. We realize that our darkness is a tool for our own transformation and awakening.

This co-creative healing and transformational process is available to all. It is the universal principle of Divine Alchemy – turning fear into love and lead into gold. All of the enlightened masters of the ages had to go through this process of purification in their own lifetime. It is this alchemical process of enlightenment and resurrection that Jennifer Millar teaches all over the world through a powerful healing process known as 'Cellular Transformation'.

When Jennifer works with a person she literally merges with their energy field, taking on and feeling the karma or shadow side and at the same time opening up and bringing through a transmission of divine energy which targets and expands the negative configuration. As Jennifer transforms the karma within herself, it is simultaneously transformed in the person she is working with. During this healing process, you will feel your body contracting, expanding, releasing and tingling as the synapses of the original traumas let go. These old traumas explode out into the open as expanded energy. Over time as these layers unravel, whatever has been held in a contracted state in the physical body and mind of the cells, inverts itself into an expanded vibration of love, liberation, excitement, passion and joy. This energy eventually targets the brain; literally removing the cultural brainwashing by washing the brain with light, lifting the person out of the darkness and changing their personality. Over time as we convert our shadow into expanded energy, we become turned on to the process of transformation and begin to look forward to facing our dark feelings, knowing that they are only temporary states – effortlessly transformed through the art of accessing divine energy. We become our own self-healers in time.


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