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Cellular Transformation is a psycho-spiritual healing modality. It works with transformational energies to dissolve the fear-based blueprints that cause pain and limitation in our body, mind and life.

Jennifer channels these energies to enter the individual or group she is working with and there they begin to undo the epigenetic traits that we've inherited from previous generations and accumulated in our own lifetime. Layer by layer these cellular memories are unravelled and dissolved until a deep and permanent shift takes place inside of us.  

This work is very powerful. Jennifer is exceptionally intuitive and does not skim the surface of 'personal development' but instead goes straight to the heart of the issue, connecting us to an innate intelligence that sources and transforms our trauma at the cellular level. Simply put, it is like doing therapy with your higher self.

The outcome is less emotional and physical pain, a rekindling of purpose and passion, feeling lighter throughout your body and life, more clarity and focus, and a deeper sensation of connection and love towards self and others.

Jennifer Millar is an international teacher and group process facilitator whose gift of bringing through transformational healing energies touches many lives the world over. She is recognized as a mentor and source of exceptional clarity. For nineteen years she has been deeply committed to the path of cellular purification, studying how our universe works through the lens of cellular healing and understanding the universal language of energy. 

Born and raised in Northern Ireland and now living near Austin, TX, USA, Jennifer is a licensed interfaith minister (TNS, NYC, 2011), who weaves timeless wisdom into contemporary contexts. Her unique gift of awareness, clarity and insight allows for true and lasting metamorphosis to take place in those who work with her. 


  • It is a powerful and authentic healing process that teaches you how to relate to the Creative Intelligence of our Universe in a way that is direct, instant, personal and transformative.

  • It works with universal healing energies to take your body, mind and emotions through metamorphosis. Jennifer telepathically and psychically tunes into both the individual and group energy field and acts as a conduit for Universal Intelligence.

  • It incorporates the mystical teachings at the root of many world religions, yet does not teach or condone religious dogma.

  • It can offer daily practices, rituals and meditations to strengthen your connection to the Universe inside of you. It guides you on how to use this connection to transform physical and emotional pain at the cellular level.

  • It is an empowerment process, incorporating various psycho-spiritual practices and dynamic group therapy to heal your blind-spots and re-awaken your inherent clarity and strength.

  • It is not a ‘hands-on’ style healing method. The transmission of healing energies is invoked via a call and response style dialogue where you talk directly to the Universe (out-loud) and ask it to do the healing work for you, [as you sit on a chair or cushion; in a circle within a workshop or opposite the facilitator within a private session].

  • The teaching comes through 'feeling'. It is not a classroom where you sit back with pen and paper and take notes. There is no pre-planned agenda, no projector screen, no text-book and for the most part, no technique. The transmission of light and wisdom that pours through during workshops and sessions is not something you ‘get’ with your intellect alone. It speaks to the mind of every cell in your body. You ‘feel’ the expansion of energy, the light, the love and the transformation in your physical body.

  • It is a Kundalini Awakening process. The light that pours through unlocks this primal energy at the base of your spine. It exposes and burns through blockages as it moves up your chakra system. As a result, it is not unusual to experience high states of bliss as the kundalini begins to flow freely in your body. This is often translated into waves of sexual or sensual feelings pulsating through your system. This is a normal occurrence which can bring the body into greater connection with the divine self when worked with consciously.

  • It offers a set of practical inter-relational tools that can be utilized to enhance your study or practice of yoga, meditation, the arts, psychology, business, medicine and much more.

  • It is inclusive. People from all walks of life can benefit from a workshop or session. The one common thread that connects each participant is the desire for personal growth and a hunger to change what is no longer working.

  • It offers a uniquely aggregate set of guidelines that do not require you to separate from your present lifestyle in order to realize the humility, devotion and gratitude often associated with ascetic or monastic practices.

Dr. Timothy Hlavinka, Urologist in San Antonio, TX shares his experience of working with Jennifer. He describes the brain changes that took place and how his tinnitus went away the morning after. (EXCERPT 2:09min)

Cellular transformation explained


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     Here are just a few:

  • You experience noticeable and tangible results in just one session.

  • You can transform in an hour what could take many years in traditional psychotherapy.

  • You feel lighter and more expanded with each session or workshop.

  • It speeds up your healing process because you learn how to work with a greater intelligence that knows how to access and dissolve stored trauma that your 'lesser-mind' could take years (or perhaps life-times) to unravel.

  • It gets you in touch with your power center (dantien) and your passions in life.

  • You learn what the 'Language of Energy' is and how to read, interpret, express and live from it.

  • You learn to conquer your fears and as a result feel more liberated.

  • It connects you up with high vibrations of healing energies.

  • You build the courage to express your truth in all aspects of your life and to get clear on what it is you really want to say or do.

  • It burns out layers of self-hate and reinforces self-love, self-trust, aliveness and connection.

  • It ignites ‘hope’ where there was none because you reconnect to your authentic state of expansion and possibility.

  • Overtime it not only gets rid of the ‘old you' layer-by-layer - within your cells - but it rebuilds a 'new you', which is connected to the feeling of unconditional love.

  • Your life begins to reflect back the positive changes that have occurred at the cellular level.

  • It awakens Kundalini Energy inside of you.

  • You realize your unique gifts and potential in time.


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