Agreement of PERSONAL Responsibility & CONFIDENTIALITY

I am aware that Jennifer Millar is a Spiritual Educator and Licensed Interfaith Minister who teaches the art of meditation, conscious prayer, self-realization and spiritual enlightenment, and is not a licensed psychotherapist or psychologist, nor does she claim to be so.

I am aware that Jennifer Millar works with Divine Energies, Kundalini Energies, and Tantric Energies in her practice. There may be times when I experience strong feelings and sensations such as; fear, shame, grief, anger, sexual feelings and strong currents of energy flowing through my body. I do not hold Jennifer Millar responsible for these feelings and sensations.

I am aware that my personal and professional life may change or shift as a result of my consultations and personal contact with Jennifer Millar. I agree to take ownership and personal responsibility for any positive or negative changes that may happen in my life as a result of working with Jennifer. I enter this spiritual consultation work with her being willing and able to do so.

If Jennifer Millar decides at any point that she is not the appropriate teacher to work with me and therefore asks me to leave the Cellular Transformation event, she will refund my payment minus the portion for the hours or days that I attended the event. In other words, I will be refunded for the time I did not attend.

If I choose to leave the event prior to its conclusion, I agree to forfeit my tuition fees. 

I have evaluated my own physical and emotional readiness and suitability to participate in Cellular Transformation work and where necessary, have had the opportunity to consult with a medical doctor, licensed psychologist or psychotherapist before working with Jennifer Millar.


I agree to keep the strictest confidentiality about any personal or group process information shared by CT participants or facilitators within the CT healing and teaching process. I agree not to share those details with anybody who wasn't present during the CT event, not today, nor at any point in the future. 

I agree not to record, by audio or video, any Cellular Transformation event. THIS IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. Only Jennifer Millar (and those she gives permission to) may record, by audio or video, any Cellular Transformation event for the sole purpose of gathering impersonal teachings and information to be used as research for upcoming books and publications. This material will not be used for any other means unless I give full permission to do so in writing.

I give permission for myself or other CT participants or facilitators to take photos, where appropriate, that may be used on various social media platforms and to positively promote the CT healing and training process to others through various marketing means. I agree not to use any photos taken at CT events to slander or defame the CT participants or facilitators in any way.



Written by Jennifer Millar © copyright 2018. All rights reserved.