For years I would go for walks with Greater Mind in my center. I would set the time aside to do it everyday... placing one or both hands on my lower dantian (1-3 inches below the belly button, 1-2 inches in) as I walked, asking it questions (preferably out loud) about which direction to turn in any given moment. I did this to build trust in the intuitive language of energy.

I always listened for the sensation of a “yes” = expanding in-breath feeling, or a “no” = contracting feeling. Sometimes I would get audible “yes’s or no’s”.

For example I would say, “Great Spirit (or Greater Mind), should I turn left at these lights?” Then I’d let it pull me the way it wanted me to go. I would surrender to this pull in my center over and over, especially when my ‘lesser’ (fear-based ego) mind wanted me to do something different. Spirit used to take me on fascinating adventures around Edinburgh City when I first started practicing! My fellow students and I would do it everyday for an hour minimum. It built pure gold inside of us; unwavering trust in the Chi moving through our bodies and channels. I learned to religiously and automatically check in with my center about everything in my world. "Great Spirit, should I go out for dinner with this person tonight...? Inner Guidance, is now the best time to share feedback with this person...? Greater Mind, should I drink this cup of coffee right now...? And I always trusted the first intuitive hit I received from my dantian / center because I knew this was the Universe talking to me. Spirit [in my core] became my compass. Now it’s on auto-pilot.

At other times on these "Spirit walks" I would simply chat to the Universe the whole time like I would a best friend... sharing what’s going on with me, expressing pure gratitude for everything and asking for help with various things. After 45 to 60 minutes of this, whatever issue I was facing was significantly cleared or completely resolved. I always felt lighter at the end.

There is something about aligning our consciousness to the Greater Mind of the Universe in thought, feeling and action, (with our focus anchored in our dantian/power center), that cracks open a portal. Through this portal flows clarity, healing, love, connection and light, and it’s ours for the taking. But not too many understand the power of this simplicity, or put in the time and effort to develop this love affair with the Universe. It also hones our intuitive perception and trust of the "Language of Energy" whilst deepening our unique relationship with Greater Mind moving through us.

I committed to this as my personal meditation for many, many years. I toured a lot of the world with one inner eye and ear always on my dantian as my primary guide through life. Saying that it paid off is an understatement.

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