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  • CWA Hall Cnr Park and Booyun St Brunswick Heads Australia (map)

Transforming Cellular Memory™ with JENNIFER HANSON

October 14 - 16, 2016

Cost: $395 AUD

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To register for this event, please CONTACT OUR ORGANIZER:

Dr. Tom Rolley
tel: +61 (0)424 695 953

Workshop Hours:
FRI Oct. 14, 7pm - 10pm
SAT Oct. 15, 10am - 6pm
SUN Oct. 15, 10am- 6pm

Workshop Location:
CWA Hall, Cnr Park and Booyun St, Brunswick Heads, New South Wales / Australia

What happens in a Transforming Cellular Memory Workshop?

This work uses a model based on the understanding that as humans we take on layers of inherited beliefs and individual experiences that are absorbed into the tissues of the body. These come in through our experiences as children with our parents or caregivers and then continue as we progress through life.

Unfortunately, most of these layers are fear and trauma based. The chances of bringing these traumas to the light have been rare or non existent for many of us and so rather than being released, the next layer just gets added on top.

In a Transforming Cellular Memory workshop, a sacred space is created to allow these layers to release through the cells of the body. It is as if a light is turned on within and it starts to bring these layers of disconnection and trauma back out into the open.

This work is not done by the facilitator but rather by Spirit.

As a layer comes up, the feeling of that experience or belief will be present in your body. It may feel like constriction, heaviness, dullness or fatigue. This is a sign that the process is working and your work is to fully allow that feeling to be present.

As the layer is released there should be feelings of increased aliveness, excitement, vibrancy and energy in the body.

As the process continues, it allows for ever greater ownership of everything in your life and shifts entirely from being a victim of events or circumstance into a state of gratitude as a co-creator with Spirit.

Should I come to this workshop?

  • This work can be very beneficial for health practitioners and body workers.  It can allow for clearing the subtle residues that are blocking you from interacting deeply in a client's physical, emotional and mental bodies. It is extremely helpful in clearing yourself to be an empty vessel for Spirit to work through you and amplify the effectiveness of your treatments.
  • This work is beneficial for parents looking to bring through a new way of being with their children. It shows how to be a loving and present parent while also holding firm boundaries. It is very effective at stopping the continuation of generational patterns of childrearing that are abusive and negative.
  • Transforming Cellular Memory is a powerful addition to those already walking the spiritual path. It is beneficial to your existing practices and as a useful adjuvant to shifting patterns that otherwise remain intractable to other approaches.

What experiences may occur in the workshop?

  • Often unusual events or feelings will begin to surface in the days leading up to the workshop. This is normal and the invitation is to observe and allow these to surface.  These may be some of the layers that Spirit is bringing to your attention and confirmation that the process is already underway.
  • Your body may begin to feel contracted and heavy or may feel waves of tingles and energy moving through it. You may have unusual or vivid dreams.
  • Once in the workshop, there is no set agenda.  
  • You are invited to share a part of your life that may need some work, or you may experience your work as others share what is going on for them.
  • This work is a powerful spiritual experience. Your “stuff” will come up. It is welcome in the workshop, even though it may be difficult at times. It is beneficial to stay open to your feelings and to learning new approaches towards being free and alive.

As the workshop progresses, you will be developing your intuition and power.  

Your intuition will be felt in the body and you will learn how to embrace the power of backing up that intuition. You will be listening to the language of the Universe - the feelings of expansion and contraction that can be used to drop into an experience of increased love and awe in your world.

There are some agreements for this workshop you need to know about before joining.

  • This is a drug and alcohol free event.
  • It is strongly recommended to not consume drugs or alcohol for 4 days before this workshop.
  • This is a confidential workshop, you agree not to share other participants stories with any people outside of the workshop, and you can be sure that your sharing will stay in the workshop space as well.

What are the Next Steps?

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If you have questions on whether this work is right for you, please contact the workshop host and sponsor Dr Tom Rolley.

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Earlier Event: October 7
Later Event: October 21