— Dr. Timothy Hlavinka, Urologist in San Antonio, TX shares his experience of working with Jennifer. He describes the brain changes that took place and how his tinnitus went away the morning after. (Watch 2:09min excerpt HERE)

— Michael from Berlin / Germany shares how working with Jennifer has connected him to feel his heart for the very first time in his life! (in Deutsch with English translation)

 I recently attended Jennifer’s workshop in Belfast.  Her approach to self healing was immensely refreshing.  I had read numerous articles and books around the science of how our cells are already pre-programmed with fears, traits and traumas from our own family bloodline.  As a conduit for receiving and spreading powerful light and energy, Jennifer was able to assist me to purge and remove some of this ancestral sludge.  With the wisdom and knowledge shared from this amazing teacher I feel ready to learn so much more.  This will not only help me but my children too. 

— Caroline, Antrim / Northern Ireland, Graphic Designer/Lifeguard/Doll Artisan/Mum

Andreas Porträt_7x6.jpg

The Workshop last weekend with Jennifer was amazing.  Many layers of darkness and pain came up and have gone. The guidance of you was respectful, very clear and with love. I will recommend your work to my friends and wait for the next time here in Berlin.
Many greetings

— Andreas, Berlin / Germany, Mechanical Engineer & Feng Shui Consultant

Since the workshop I've been feeling SO much clarity it's actually mind blowing! I feel empty too... in a beautiful way.. I feel nothing is in my way and that there are no limitations, only invitations. I'm so grateful for the light that came through over the weekend as it got in deep for me... And since it's continued to burn out really old patterns of paranoia/fear and jealousy of mine.... I'm so grateful for that. I'm a burning Belfast momma! I've also been speaking my truth MUCH more, being more authoritative (Yay!) as well as setting clearer boundaries with my family and people in my world which has been SO LIBERATING!!! It was such a powerful workshop for me.

YES on getting out of the way to let change happen...that's the fun fear-facing part when we get to put the gold we receive into action.

— Melissa, Belfast / Northern Ireland, Cellular Transformation Facilitator & Healer

I had a one on one session with Jen which led to me to embrace my truth and power in a way I was afraid to, regardless of relationship consequences. Since doing so, my body and heart have opened up in new ways. I literally feel like I had years added back to my life. My posture is self correcting, I'm breathing deeper naturally, a block/fog has lifted from my brain, and I'm finding I have been naturally losing interest in certain distractions that kept me from staying true to myself. I feel like I have the energy I had in my mid-late 20's. Seriously... holy crap. I can't thank Jen and Spirit enough. :-)

— John, San Marcos / Texas

It's been a week and can't believe all that's happened so far. Lots of personal stuff been happening and I'm putting into practice workshop stuff and it's great.

I was asked the day before workshop to do a comedy routine. Somehow I said yes... I found out since you can't see people from stage anyway it's a whole new way of listening to that energy, a lot of what I was doing at the workshop. The routine was good and I was encouraged to go do more. I also was invited to do something this November, so I said yes...
At workshop the people I needed to meet were besides me, I stripped away the things that was holding me back, I learned more about listening to energy - and opportunities are flinging themselves at me.

I love it when we let the workshop stuff spill over into daily life. We go there for change, isn't it wonderful when we get out of the way and let the change happen in our lives!

— Goldy, Belfast / Northern Ireland

 I wanted to say that the healing session with you really served as a catalyst in my life. I am slowly but surely learning to trust and live in the moment and not know the "how", or have it all figured out in advance. It is such a radically different way to be and you serve as an inspiration to me as someone with the courage to live this way. I left my job and am finding work that is more in line with who I am among much more!  So thank you Thank You THANK YOU for the work you do!

— Beia, Austin / Texas, Graphic Designer/Artist

Well some learn it the hard way, just like myself. At least I learned. Problem is, I guess, that once I had cancer doctors and people around me created an environment of fear, once the fear took hold it was like my heart got deep frozen and I was unable to access my inner wisdom and all light went out. Then I thought I was healthy but went back to old patterns and cancer came back caused by treatment. Much more hardship came into my life and I again ignored the warnings and cared more for others than myself.
What woke me up? The Truth About Cancer did. I quit the medical system. What helped me to heal? What do I go back to over and over again? My centre, the light, Great Spirit and love. Thank you Jennifer Hanson for showing me the way. I love you!
Every time I get off track, I now choose love and light.

Natja, Melbourne / Australia, Yoga Teacher

I have been blessed to have discovered and worked with Cellular Transformation in my life. This work is great and I believe it to be truly transformational – that is, once the work is done, it is no longer part of my world. It’s an incredibly powerful process to shift the physical, mental and emotional challenges in our lives.  Knowing that there is this incredible healing energy in the world that manifests in the body as “light”, my mission has become – how do I bring more light and love through me and into the world.  Highly recommended.

– Dr. Thomas Rolley, Byron Bay / Australia, GP

I approached Cellular Transformation because my new boyfriend raved about it. I consider myself a workshop junkie and have been around the world following all the gurus. I wanted to see for myself what all the hype was about in hopes to impress my new beau and go deeper on my self transformational path. The result, Cellular Transformation is a spiritual pilgrimage that took me on a journey far beyond my expectations. It helped me by uncovering the often unspoken under toe that exists between people, the language of Energy. It sounded like such a buzzword, “energy,” it’s on all the sports drinks and what the new age people talk about (including myself) but when it’s talked about and seen in a conscious group like Cellular Transformation, it’s the only thing that is real. The outcome was profound self awareness, into the unconscious autopilot programming that runs the show, unseen by the world because most of us are living in chaos. Something I really liked was their humor! This is serious work that is done with love. There were tears alongside belly-aching laughter. I found the experience nourishing and powerful. I now have a nuanced clarity that has enriched all of my previous training and has opened the door for me to move forward in many aspects of my life that felt dormant. I am able to breath deeper. I would recommend Cellular Transformation to people who need a wake up call beyond the ordinary. To people who feel things they cannot put into words. To people who hurt because what they seek is the truest connection. If you’re comfortable playing it safe on the surface, stay where you are. If you can no longer tolerate the mediocre, the facade and want the brutal but loving truth, Cellular Transformation will wake and shake you to your core.

— Ria, NYC - MA in Social Organizational Psychology

A fluid freefalling crack open & rewire masterfully facilitated by divine conduit of Great Spirit, the gorgeous Jen! It was a wild & wonderful journey into the intricate
unfolding of cellular memory. Do it!

— Lucinda Light, Melbourne / Australia

Having exhausted the mainstream and alternative medical models with only symptomatic relief, Cellular Transformation has been the key to unlocking the energetic, root causes at the DNA level with miraculous results to my overall health.

— Igor, Byron Bay / Australia, Holistic Counsellor

1 week after the workshop:

I am so full of fuxking love and life I have found in me. I’m gonna explode.
The universe is is screaming from my core, now I can hear it. This work is beyond belief. Thank you. Thank you thank you.

Update - 3 months after the workshop:

If you feel the slightest push or pull to do this work with the incredible Jennifer Hanson then trust it and do it. I heard about the workshop 2 weeks before it was on and I felt every part of me say yes. I didn't read a thing or try to understand it, I just knew.

In just 3 days of this work, I found my truth, my voice, my love and my feelings, after being lost on and off in the pain of PTSD for years. I have done so many workshops and personal growth work, read so many books, done so many courses but this one knocked my socks off. It’s not a one off fix but there is great support and follow up too that keeps me connected to what feels like an endless source of love and fearless to live my truth. It is impossible to really put into words the transformation that has happened after the weekend and one more session afterwards. My thinking and feeling comes from a whole new sense of the world. A world seen through a doorway of love as a source of protection and power for change rather than the old doorway where anger and fear were the only options for safety.

I can’t thank Jennifer enough for bringing me home again to myself.

— Samantha, Melbourne / Australia, Grief and Loss Facilitator/Educator

Going into the workshop I was ready for anything but then experienced more than I could of imagined. Fear and pure terror I have never felt to “show up” and go where the light was pushing me.

I’ve always had so much love for people, the planet, humanity, but mostly my wife and children that just was so hard to bring out consistently. I could do it and felt brilliant but it felt awkward, especially to sit in my heart with my wife.

I just feel so different already. Such a struggle to be 2 people all the time and grind to display affection! Cellular Transformation has taught me how to hug someone properly!!!

An amazing amazing experience, and just loved to listen to Jennifer’s profound words.

I feel like the Cellular Transformation will flow through my work as a kinesiologist and am so excited about living life so much free’er inside.
Clearing past life, karmic, ancestral energy from our cells is the key to passing through the eye of the needle into and back to Divine.

Jennifer and Cellular Transformation is such a gift. I look forward to more and more and more.

— David, Melbourne / Australia, Kinesiologist

1 month after the workshop:
Back in August I attended Jennifers Workshop for the first time without knowing what to expect, without knowing what will happen.
And it got to be one of the most beautiful experiences ever.
I was faced with one of my biggest fears: being seen, being looked at, getting attention. And I was never more afraid in my entire life. I never thought that i could feel so much fear.
And as I said I didnt knew anything about Jennifers work, but when she spoke to me while being in this state of fear, she said: This is not your natural state, You like to dance, to sing. And when she mentioned the singing part, it hit. I was so impressed because I didnt mentioned this to anyone in the room.
I was and still am so impressed by Jennifers ability, i cannot put it in words.
Update - 1 year later, again after the workshop:
About one week ago i attented Jennifers workshop and it was one of the best decision in my life. After last years workshop i knew it will be powerful and i cant wait for the next workshop!
This one changed my whole life and empowered me on all levels. I cannot express in words how much i cleared, healed and integrated this time.
It brought me closer to myself and i can finally feel grounded and connected to my body. With all my emotions and thoughts. I also feel a strong bond to my intuition that i did not have before.
At this workshop i also learned how to take my power back and im still working on it. Letting myself express anger and speaking my truth.
Its a constant work with spirit but its the best work i found for myself and i will keep doing it everyday.

Jennifer ist full of love and presence for everyone in the room. She knows exactly what to say in order to bring out all the layers of fear out to the surface. And she does it with so much compassion, encouragement and acceptance. She also has such a great humour and brings so much joy into the room.
What i also love about her so much is her honesty. While processing the topic of giving my power to other teachers, instead of listening to my own intuition, she made me acknowledge that i also unconsciously gave a bit of my power away to her. And just by saying this to me, i was able to understand that all the answers are within me. I just have to listen. And i thank her very much for her honesty. I wish that there would be more guides like her in the world who encourage others to trust THEMSELVES.

I love Jennifer so much and i cant wait to see her again.

Debora, Vienna / Austria

I had faith that Cellular Transformation would work for me & boy is it ever! It’s both scary & exciting to be on the cusp of change, to have found what I need and have been looking for.......but not as scary as staying where I was. Thank you God for my journey.

— Anne Marie, Belfast / Northern Ireland, Psychic Medium

It feels challenging to find the words to best describe my session with Jennifer…Some experiences cannot be described by words alone but here goes :-)

I Immediately felt a profoundly deep and sincere feeling of love & support from Jennifer’s presence, and I felt held in what I could best describe as a giant bubble of radiant divine love..
With this I immediately knew & trusted that I was 110 % safe and supported. It was evident that Jennifer & the work she embodies are coming from a place of highest, purest divine source. I trusted this.
I was prompted and guided to feel into parts of myself that I had been blind to for what feels like a near lifetime. The sadness.. anger.. doubt.. disconnection... Through accessing and feeling into my self and these feelings… I started to release…like REALLY release!!
I’ve always known the true power of feeling …and I have tried in sooo many ways over and over to get back to my feelings. But at times it had honestly felt like I had been fighting against what felt like a brick wall. I had so much knowledge in my mind but I’d never been able to fully embrace and embody it.
I was guided through a deep & profound journey into self understanding and connection.
5 days later my body still tingles with sensations and Im still sensing these layers of feeling & energy lifting away from me. The emotions are still passing through me and I’m gaining more and more understanding of self.
There is so much in the world to know, perceive or believe to be true…and I do not know anything for certain…But the one thing I know to be true is Feeling!
It is through feeling and only feeling that I can find myself.. It is through feeling that I can really let go and truly heal. There is no way around this.…
Through feeling I find my way back to self…back to love.

Thank you Jennifer for lighting me back up! Giganitic Loves & blessings to you! xxxxx

— Stephanie, Melbourne / Australia, Office Administrator & Kinesiologist

I attended the workshop in hope to resolve some of the root causes of my debilitating fear, insecurity, worry and lack of feeling good enough. I have been in recovery from alcohol addiction for 2 ½ years. I have come a long way and I am learning to speak my truth and heal. I’m currently working on connecting with my inner child and loving and accepting me just as I am. I want to feel comfortable in my own skin.
Jen has this incredible gift. She connected with all of us. I was able to identify with each and every person that she assisted in pulling out their fears, traumas and blocks. I healed right along with them. I left feeling more connected and feeling spiritually shifted. I can’t wait till she is back in Kingston. I am eager and ready for more self-soul searching. Thank you a whole bunch with great love.

— Shannon, Kingston / Canada, Electric Services Advisor

I’m still feeling two things like “did that happen?” but simultaneously I totally know that happened and was wide awake and willing and participating. Thank you Jennifer and everyone for your attention and energy and compassion! My personal experience/“moment” feels like something that I had been seeking my whole life, but also I was not expecting it at all. Yet when it came it felt so right in all ways. Thanks everyone for facilitating my being able to ask the holy spirit to open the doors of love. I’m touched at the deepest level. I can’t believe it, but of course it’s also the most believable thing. Thank you. Thank you so much. Overwhelming love when I think of it/feel it. Love you all.

— Jorge, Berlin / Germany, Actor & Dancer

Thank you Jennifer.

Writing this testimonial is in itself an indicator of the effectiveness of this work. I don’t do testimonials you see… There is a whole bunch of inner language-ing, or self-talk, around this: “I’m not a very good writer”, “I’m shit at marketing”, “Why do I have to do this?”, “Selling Ideologies goes against my principles”, “I’m not qualified to have an opinion on this”, ….. And the best one? …: “Why does what I say matter? I’m a nobody.” Ooh. Yup. So all of those words that run through my mind have associated emotions, and feelings, I mean actual physical sensations located in specific areas of my body. Being aware of that, I can feel that it’s all either old wounds and traumas, or programs that have been running in the background for a long time. These “programs”, (I think of them as thought-loops) are no longer useful. They are running counter to my purpose in life. They block my flow, man! Probably, all of them were reactions to some event in my past. Experiences that have lodged in my body as tension simultaneously with these thoughts. It doesn’t actually matter “How”, not even “Why” really. It just is, and I can release them and feel lighter and go forward into life, with a positive outlook, inspired, working towards goals. That is what Cellular Transformation does for me, and that is why I am writing this testimonial. So here goes….

For me, the experience of a Cellular Transformation private session with Jennifer Hanson was both familiar and new. Familiar, in that it connected to all of the self-enquiry and meditation practice I have learned over the last twenty years. And I have lived in ashrams in India and Melbourne and attended many meditation retreats and studied many yoga texts both in accredited courses and in study groups. Somehow it took all of this knowledge and understanding to a new place. In my session, Jennifer asked me some background, get-to-know-you questions, and she asked me if I had a specific intention or issue that I wished to explore in my session. Then we got down to business, and within minutes I was in tears, with sensations of tingling, rushing energy, and bright images surging through my body and mind. I was amazed at the pinpoint accuracy, the truly psychic insight into my condition. As we continued, so did the experiences of emotions and physical sensations. The more interesting thing was what I stopped feeling as we rolled on: The release of tensions that I didn’t know I was holding, and the very clear lightening sensation of not carrying something anymore. Some very familiar “sore spots” weren’t so sore anymore, both metaphorically and physically!

In a similar way to my first Yoga class, being more immediately and tangibly aware of the present moment and my present state, the process included looking at the sensations in my body. To ascribe significance to these sensations, that’s not new. It’s typical new-age woo-woo, right? But to then deliberately go into the experience, to be open to receiving information from my body, to allow and be willing to receive and believe in my inner wisdom, and then to actually receive answers, understandings, huge upwellings of emotion that swept through me like a dishcloth through muck, that was new and astounding. Afterwards I felt the same and entirely new simultaneously. I felt empowered and hopeful.

Then Jennifer went even further into that startling place. She was literally psychic in her insights both in the physical and emotional realm. She could not have known the things she said to me. It was also reassuringly real and practical. It blasted open feelings and sensations that have been like background noise throughout my life. It gave me leverage to shift current experiences, even old recurrent ones that have repeatedly been difficult. I am now armed with more than mere understanding, I have true insight into myself and WHAT I was reacting to, what the feelings were, where they lead, and how they influenced me. I am now free to choose my course in navigating the experiences I am having. All I have to do is stay in touch with the present moment, my body, Greater Mind. No longer bound to old familiar reactions, I can choose new ones!

I believe the practice of Cellular Transformation is the perfect synthesis of modern and ancient modalities. It appropriately respects the sacred at the same time as irreverently treading over taboo in order to pluck out the truth. I loved it! I will be forever grateful for the experience. And I believe Jennifer possesses the clarity, integrity, and love necessary to channel that healing light strongly for anyone who cares to try. All that is asked of you is openness and willingness. Let’s all do that. Right now. Yes!

— Aaron Whymark, Melbourne / Australia, Landscape Gardener

Cellular Transformation has taught me the most profound, yet, most simple principle of the universe: (1) Everything is energy, either expanding or contracting. (2) Evolution is realized through expansion. (3) My lower belly is a receiver of Universal Intelligence - expanding or contracting. (4) If I act upon what makes my belly feel warm, relaxed and tingly - and stay away from whatever makes me feel tight, anxious or contracted there...I and my world are evolving to more clarity and power, more joy, deeper love and connection! I AM SO GRATEFUL TO THIS WORK!

— Charlotte, Germany, Architect & Graphic Designer

DON-2015-01-01-TCM Testimonial-Daniele Joecker.jpg
Cellular Transformation is the most powerful transformative work I have encountered so far. In just one year I have gone through a total metamorphosis – the quintessence of which being that I am coming home to my true Self: LOVE… LIGHT… There is nothing more fulfilling to me than being on this journey, learning how to listen to and follow the energy – out of your head, into your feelings, right to the core!

— Danièle, Berlin / Germany, Marketing & Communications

This is a transformational lifestyle straight from Universal Love. The consciousness available through these workshops is educating my body at a cellular level on how to live in an energetic reality of passion, creativity and abundance, which has become second nature to me. With gratitude the universe presents each new chapter to me. Through acting on and embracing each nuance with blind faith and trust I deepen my consciousness and live a fruit full life. Being surrounded by a very dedicated and conscious group of people, I can constantly refine my inner knowing through the mirror of my friends.

— John Mc Sweeney, Texas / USA, Contractor

This night I had a mad dream of flushing my shit down the toilet, and it took a good few flushes. Now I know it is super crass of me to say this in such a manner and to such a wonderful lady, so I do apologize ;-) But I think this was a huge metaphor of the work I'm doing with Great Spirit, so it made me think of you. And what hit me was, how much you care about me, us and the world and how sensitive you are to a person's feelings. The feeling I had during the Irish workshop was that I was seen and not forgotten. You are a true magical gift to this existence.
Thank you for all of you and your absolute brilliance. If I'm called upon for another testimony in the future, I hope to give you and your work a better honoring. Love to you and yours with all of my heart.

— Anne Marie, Paris / France, Senior Engineer in the Oil and Gas Industry

In all my years as a counsellor and group facilitator, I have never experienced transformation as profound and long lasting as with the Cellular Transformation process. This work has not only enriched every aspect of my life, but has changed the very texture of my lived-experience of the world. One workshop is easily worth months of therapy.

— Paf, Melbourne / Australia, Holistic Counsellor & Counseling Teacher

Just finished an amazing Cellular Transformation workshop with Jennifer Hanson in Wellington. Jen has the aura of an angel in her openness and compassion, the uncompromising clarity and precision of a laser in naming the issues we are transforming, and the tenacity of a rottweiler in hunting them down. All of which were used to great effect in my case! With huge gratitude to Jen and to Spirit and to our small group who held the space so beautifully. I can't wait to see how the changes unfold!

— Julie, Wellington / New Zealand, GP

Jennifer Hanson is such a masterful facilitator of Cellular Healing. Her beautiful energy, vivacious bright spirit and empathic nature instantly helps you to feel at ease. It is incredible how she works with light and energy, helping others release old beliefs and patterns that no longer fit. This clearing then enables you to step unhindered into your own power, purpose, light and greatness.

— Helen, New Zealand

I was this August for the first time at a Cellular Transformation workshop. I didn´t know what to expect but days before I was already nervous and than at the workshop I was feeling very familiar. It was really life-changing for me! In that workshop we healed my “black hole”, which was there instead of my heart. It was very interesting and strange, too, because I could feel this pain in my heart in the workshop much stronger than before. I realized that I had carried it around all my life. But then, with Jennifers work during the workshop this hole just dwindled away. I was crying and sweating it out. It felt like a big muscle soreness around my chest afterwards and the “black hole” was not there anymore. It was so beautiful that Jennifer and all the people of the workshop did go with me through this. And Jen said that I´m full of love and thats so true! I felt like she has seen deep into my hard. I could even see better on Sunday morning and I realized that my bad eyes are some pattern or effect of it. I´m still unbelievably stunned by the workshop, and I was very grateful and very happy to find the group.

— Rosa, Vienna / Austria