cyber healing circle & zoom guidelines

If you have recently worked with Jennifer and would like to now participate in Cyber Healing Circle, SEND US AN EMAIL and we will add you to the Cyber Mailing List, where you will receive the relevant ZOOM LINKS and details to join!


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Participants must adhere to our strict Cyber Guidelines
(please read below)


We are using a video conferencing software/interface called ZOOM. It's awesome and SUPER EASY to set up on your computer and/or smart phone, or you can dial in by regular phone.

* Cyber Healing Circles run for 2.5 hours
* The fee per CYBER HEALING CIRCLE is $70 USD (feel free to bulk pay)
* You can pay via our
PAYMENT page, by credit card or via PayPal

starting with zoom

Click On The Meeting Link:
launch zoom.exe which downloads a zip on zip file
* chose "run on pc or mac"...this starts zoom software installation on your device
* when prompted, click "Join with audio"!!
* when asked to assign audio to zoom (i.e. microphone of your laptop phone)...choose top volume
* click link again to join meeting

Or Get The App on Your Smartphone. It's called:  "Zoom Cloud Meetings"

Or Join by Phone:
+1 408 638 0968 (US Toll) or +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll)
> you will need the individual MEETING ID listed with the web link <
International numbers available:

technical things - once you are in the meeting

* if you connect with a mobile device, keep your charger at hand (group usually runs longer than the average fully charged battery)
* mute/unmute your audio: on the bottom left of your zoom window (your frame will show the icon as well) - we start muted (to eliminate interference noise) and unmute when asked by Jennifer
* adjust volume during meeting: on the bottom left, go to "settings", then "audio"
* different screen views: on the top left of your zoom window - GALLERY VIEW, shows all the participants in the same size AT ALL TIMES and highlights the speaker with a border, or - SPEAKER VIEW, shows whomever is speaking as full frame on your screen with all other cyber participants in smaller windows
* if your internet connection is very slow or acting up: try dialing in by landline (int. numbers available:


***CONFIDENTIALITY IS OF THE UTMOST IMPORTANCE. For everyone’s benefit it is essential that you please consider the sacredness of this cyber space by treating it EXACTLY as you would a regular Healing Circle or Workshop. We therefore ask that you please participate ONLY FROM WITHIN A PRIVATE, QUIET, SECLUDED SPACE, (as you would a private healing session), where no other individuals are present to hear or observe what is happening on your screen.
Also, only the person who has signed up and paid for the CYBER CIRCLE is to be present in the space, which also means no unruly kids please!

***NO AUDIO OR VIDEO RECORDING ALLOWED. (Only Jennifer Millar has the right to record audio or video during Cellular Transformation events, for book writing purposes, upon which ONLY the information spoken by her shall or will ever be transcribed for public use. And there shall never be any personal information or testimonies from clients/participants ever used/shared without gaining full legal permission first).

***Please, do not share any of the personal details of who was present or what happened within this sacred space with anyone outside of the space. You may share Cellular Transformation structure/how it works/how deep it went/your personal experiences of Cellular Transformation, but do not include individual stories or details. Thank you! 

***We would also like to ask you to be so respectful to the group energy as to NOT consume alcohol or other mind altering substances (plain ol' Marihuana included) for 3-4 days prior to group. Period! AND PLEASE DO NOT SMOKE CIGARETTES DURING THE GROUP! Just remember, WHAT YOU WOULDN’T DO IN AN IN-PERSON HEALING CIRCLE, PLEASE DON’T TRY TO GET AWAY WITH IN THE CYBER HEALING CIRCLE!!! :)  

***BE ON TIME*** We ask that everyone to connect 5 min before start time. Thanks!



* Please, place your payment at least 24 hours BEFORE GROUP STARTS.
* If you are FREE LAST MINUTE but haven't had a chance to pay, dial in and transform with us...and we trust that you will pay right after group!
* If, for any tech reasons, you CAN'T CONNECT at the time of the event, you're FREE to join the NEXT AVAILABLE cyber healing circle convenient for you. No refund.
* If, for any tech reasons, you only get to connect for the first 75 minutes of group and can’t get back in, then you can consider that a free group and may apply your credit towards your next Cyber Circle. If you are connected for longer but experience technical difficulties thereafter, we consider it ATTENDED. No refund.


Please don’t hesitate to share your experiences, give feedback for technical improvements, or ask any questions about anything at anytime!  You can get in touch with our AWESOME ASSISTANT, Charlotte von Uslar-Gleichen, at:


Written by Jennifer Millar © copyright 2018. All rights reserved.